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The King of the Eyesores' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The King of the Eyesores

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bahahahhahahha [02 Oct 2009|01:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

holy crap.
i saw a "sneak peak" preview for that lame 2012 movie that is coming out this year.
jesus christ, it looks like its going to be the most hilariously over-the-top ridiculous action movie ever made. its like every shitty disaster movie rolled into one. combined with the video game CG, this looks like a big chunk of unintentional comedy gold.


jesus christ, are these people serious? the only way this could be more ridiculous is if they replaced John Cusack with Nick Cage.
can you count the number of explosions in this 5 minute clip? hahahhaha... i think i might have to see this one on the big screen and cackle like a hyena the whole time.

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[30 Sep 2009|10:58am]
im sick of school. sick of bowling green.
the parts of college that i enjoyed have lost their novelty. its really hard for me to find any enjoyment in my projects anymore.

all school does is stress me out, deprive me of sleep, stop me from doing the things that i want to do, make me fat, and generally cause problems in my life.

i dont have any real friends out here besides chris, so i rarely leave this apartment except for class, and i just feel cooped up most of the time. not that i really have time for friends or fun anyway.

ive perpetually got some kind of cloud hanging over my head... always more to be done. when i do get a chance to relax, i feel like i shouldnt be, like im slacking and its going to cost me in some way. i'd like to be care free just once.

i dunno if i cant hold out until may.

i usually dont start feeling like this until the end of spring semester... it's not even halfway through fall semester yet. im going to be a gibbering mess by the time this is over.

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been waiting for it... [17 Sep 2009|08:31pm]
Rob Dobi is an artist/designer i'm a fan of. he does a lot of work for shitty bands, but hey, i just happen to enjoy his style. he is perhaps best known for his "your scene sucks" series, in which he makes caricatures of cliche fans of a specific type of music. i knew it was coming sooner or later... he has caught onto the thrash revival.

"To most thrash fans, the “big four” consists of Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. To the unsuspecting passerby of a thrash fan, the “big four” consists of indescribable odor, questionable stains, yellow teeth and unkempt lice infested hair.

No neo thrasher would be complete without his “kutte” or “battlejacket” or “smelly vest with way too many patches”. The kutte is the thrash equivalent of a TGI Fridays waitress vest, the more flare the merrier. Spending endless hours scouring ebay for patches and bedazzler replacement parts, he hardly has any time at the end of the day to watch any of his 80’s VHS troma movies. On a number of occasions his mother has snuck into his bedroom in the basement in an attempt to febreze his beloved battlejacket, but has ultimately failed as it seems he never removes the vile vest.

Stuck without a job, a futon covered in beer cans, a Metallica with short hair, a boom box that eats cassettes and a shower that hasn’t felt his presence in months, the Neo Thrasher seems to be at his lowest. Fortunately there is a kegger behind the abandoned gas station this Friday."

pretty funny. almost as funny as the "tr00 kvlt metalhead" reactions are going to be!
check out the rest of them, there are some damn good ones: www.yourscenesucks.com

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[19 Aug 2009|05:52pm]
i few days ago i wasn't mad about this, i just thought it was strange, but i have since began to get a little angry about it.

i know this person has a problem with accepting responsibility for his actions... but im wondering, is it a deliberate lie to displace responsibility... or is this person just delusional, and does he honestly believe himself?

if its the former, i should be pissed, if its the latter, i guess i cant be.

no one knows that this is about, haha.

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[10 Aug 2009|08:53pm]
Friday night.

District 9.

Who's down?

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[06 Aug 2009|05:25pm]
When were things like honesty, respect, and gratitude replaced with egoism, greed, and hedonism?

And am I foolish for still holding value in those virtues in this day and age?

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[03 Aug 2009|08:32pm]

(forgive me father)

UGH! [20 Jul 2009|09:59am]
It's official, Futurama's comeback is going to suck worse than Family Guy's comeback. Didn't think that was possible? Read: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/07/futurama-new-voices.html

fuck that shit.

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new puppy and the 4th of july... [29 Jun 2009|12:04am]
on tuesday, me and Alyssa adopted a 7 month old alaskan husky. he is awesome. his name is Fenris, and here are some pictures:

aaaand, if you arent doing anything on the 4th of July, you should come over my house. i'm watching the new pup, so i cant really go anywhere, and i personally couldnt give a fuck less about seeing fireworks, so if you wanna come over, hang out by the fire, and have a few beers, you are more than welcome. because i will be here. please let me know if youre want to come.

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hours of fun... [11 Jun 2009|12:33am]

i highly recommend the "worst nights of all time" section.

putting "440" in the search box yields some fun local results.

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impending man time [03 Jun 2009|06:49pm]
so the other day, me and Josh (Creg) were talking about camping, and how neither of us have been camping in a long ass time, and would love to go camping again sometime soon.

so we were thinking about organizing a weekend camping trip sometime this summer. this will be real, shit in a hole in the woods, camping, none of that indoor plumbing, power outlet, Findlay "camping". just a few dudes, a couple coolers full of meat and beer, and the great outdoors.

sometime in late june or early july would be good. if you are interested, let me know and we'll get shit rolling. figure out a weekend thats good for everyone, and find a good private campground with no modern conveniences. i know theres one around here somewhere that starts with an H but i cant think of what its called.

lets do it!

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[27 May 2009|06:01pm]
Alyssa is having a birthday party on June 12th.
It's going to be at her parents' house because she is house sitting while they are out of town.
It's on W 36th St in Lorain, right off of broadway.
You are all invited.
BYOB. You can crash there if you want, there are couches and floor space.

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[25 May 2009|02:04pm]
im considering no longer buying CDs and only buying vinyl from now on.

im one of the few people who still buys CDs, because i enjoy owning the physical form of the music rather than just hearing it. i love album covers and inserts and all that stuff. it just enhances the whole musical experience for me.

i figure if i buy the vinyl, i can download the MP3s guilt-free, because i already paid for the music in a different, higher quality format. that way i can have it on my iPod, or burn it to CD if necessary. but i can still enjoy the magical sound of vinyl at home. a lot of labels are including "free MP3 download" codes with their vinyl releases now anyway. plus the artwork and inserts and whatnot are bigger, thus cooler.

there has actually been a recent resurgence in the popularity of vinyl, i believe due to my reasoning above, so a lot more stuff is becoming available these days (new stuff and old reissues).

something to think about.

(forgive me father)

[03 May 2009|01:53am]
i dont have a whole lot of time, but the tour is going great, despite a couple cancellations. every show has been awesome. Thrasho was especially incredible... best show ever, no doubt. we started a fucking riot.

more on everything when i get home. 8 days to go.

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[14 Apr 2009|10:48pm]


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party party party [11 Apr 2009|10:13pm]
i am informing everyone that Alyssa is having a party at her place on Friday April 17th. It's kinda also an early birthday party for me. So if you can read this, you are invited.

She lives on Rt 6 kinda by The Pier. If you want to come, i can give you more specific directions.

BYOB. There is plenty of room to crash if you wanna.

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[05 Apr 2009|12:07pm]
my grandpa passed away around 8:00 last night.

thanks for the kind words and thoughts, everyone.

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[04 Apr 2009|01:13pm]
[ mood | numb ]

i'm about to drive home, just for a couple hours, to see my grandpa. it will be the last time i see him alive.

this is incredibly surreal.

i've been trying to prepare myself for the past couple days, but im not sure how im going to handle this.

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[26 Mar 2009|11:14am]
i guess they removed that video. here it is again.. and its still a COMEDY GOLD MINE!

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[25 Mar 2009|10:25pm]

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